Automation System becoming a leader company because have had a vigorous technical-commercial support and valid technicians and sales department managers.

Automation System choose a co-operation system method as example of business distribution because using all synergy produced by Automation System. Learning this activity is not difficult: you need a good professional training, constant refresher course, professional machines and equipment, certificate high-quality raw materials, competitive price-list. Find a customer is not difficult, strong are market potentiality , production and transformation company, service and tertiary sector, public and private office institution, ect.. Diffused are computers, printers, every one have a pc, a printer, laser or ink-jet or ribbon printer so making business is not so difficult, all writer instruments need to “consumable materials” for writing. All this cartridges can be refill and re-used. Automation System use advanced technologies directly designed, certificate high-quality materials, scrupulous and severe quality check control. Our cartridge refilled by our equipment and machinery don’t fear no comparison with original cartridge. Remarkable is the formative investment, refresh course inside for our collaborators with objective to be always professional and offer best service.

Learning the business of regeneration is not difficult

Enough: an intensive training course and constant updates, professional equipment ensures perfect processing of the cartridges; raw materials of excellent quality certified and ready availability at competitive prices.

Finding customers is easy.

It ‘true that the market potential is enormous and growing. Production and processing industries, enterprises and tertiary services, agencies and public and private offices, the list is endless. Increasingly common is the use of computers and printers are still the most widespread of all kinds and generally used by all and throughout the world. All the writing tools they need to write a so-called “consumer”, dot matrix printer ink-jet and toner, printer and PC system, single-sheet and continuous form of typewriters a word processor, to stamp, for cash registers, ATMs, receivers, etc.. All of these cartridges can be remanufactured. Automation System uses the most advanced technologies and equipment designed and manufactured by you directly, materials and products for the regeneration of guaranteed quality, along with scrupulous and strict quality control. That’s why a cartridge regenerated with equipment Automation System is not afraid, and indeed, at times, exceeds the comparison with when bought new. Remarkable is the investment in training and updating, not restricted to employees, with the aim to become more professional and able to offer the best service.


Engineer and build machinery for regeneration/refill cartridges (laser, ink-jet, ribbon). Refill empty printer cartridges. Commercialize all materials needed for regeneration/refill cartridges. Arrange professional training and adjourn about regeneration activity news. Phone customer service for all our regeneration customers. Effecting advice and printer repairs.
Machinery are built by Automation System and if necessary assistance is direct; there is not a special contract or tie contract, important for us is establish a good and honest customer-supplier relationship.
Using Know-how acquired by Automation System with more activity years allow to choose the best solution, technology, machinery in the van, guarantee products. Obtain all technical information essential for carry on this activity. Obtain commercial and marketing advising. Have certificate and tested machinery and facilities, best quality of raw materials in order to obtain a guaranteed cartridges.
Initial investment that include machinery, professional training, technical assistance, ect..), it's depend as you want to starting this activity. Ability and will to be an entrepreneur ample success possibility in two sector very important for the future: informatics sector ( there is not necessary have technical knowledge in this sector) and ecology sector, will have a big expanding in the future with more attention and sensitiveness.

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