The remanufacturing/refilling process

ALT! Not throw your cartridge of printer, photocopier, fax machines, we would like to explain you why!

cartucceWhen cartridge of your printer is finished, not throw it, this could be used more time. We can refill it before clean up into in order to give again efficiency at your cartridge. Why not refill old cartridge with a total revision. The most important thing is using quality raw materials, replace old pieces, test all before prepare packaging, following all ISO 9001 standard.

natura money qualita

With regeneration, there is a double saving: we use more time the same cartridge reduce the cost of the same cartridge (saving around 50%); we save about collect and selling of waste materials.
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We can saving until 50% about original cartridges cost; same length, some time more length in comparison with original cartridges; no cost for selling of materials not use another time.


Cartridges refilled not ruin the printer, not length minus original cartridges or have problems.