Toner work 2

Suction/aspiration system and toner filtering.

This is a very simple system. With the least encumbrance, it is equipped with two wheels for an easy movement.
It does not need any particular operation to be installed, just a switch and a compressor.
The machinery is studied to protect the operator’s health, necessary for the particulates aspiration with two primary filters, equipped with self-cleaning system, which fiter till 0,5 micron particulates. Another HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air filter) for high performance with a filtering efficiency of 99,997% (0,3 micron), without any emission into the atmosphere.
Roomy work area for all cleaning operations as well as toner cartridges refilling.


Power supply: 220 VOLT
Weight: 150 Kg
Size: L 720 D 1100 H 1700 mm
Motor power: 1,5 CV

– Primary filter plus HEPA filter
– Compressed air group
– On demand, it is possible to have a frontal panel to cover the filter and a shelf suitable for cartridges assembly and disassembly.
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