Refilling professional trainings

Automation System arrange professional training in order to adjourn and bringing up to date about all cartridges model and use machinery

Regeneration/refill activity work and go on with new printer production. This professional training are very important for people want to begin this activity or people that need more information about cartridges or use machinery.

Note our professional training are

– Theoretical training (we illustrate varied type of cartridges, printers, and regeneration/refill system too)
– Practical training in our laboratory.
– Sales training (we illustrate sales technique, pricelist, how to prepare a pricelist for your customer, ect…)

Why we suggest you to attend our course

People open a new laboratory of regeneration/refill cartridges knowledge of know how is very important for more reason. For people already know something about regeneration/refill activity or think to able to operate in this area probably you will find out more information and procedure you dont know before now.

  1. More knowledge about various problems
  2. Improve efficiency during the productive process
  3. Reduce more mistake
  4. Company manage
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